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I have added the scans of Elle Fanning for L’Officiel Italia, December 2021 issue. You can go to the gallery to take a look and enjoy!

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Happy New Year to everyone!

I wanted to write an small post to wish you a really beautiful year full of love, laughs, health and tons of good things. Hope you all are fine, safe and can get all your wishes.

Past year was not so good to me, personal things were not as I wanted, my health was not good and also, the pandemic thing here in my country so, it was not the best one. But now, I have a new and great treatment and all is going a few better with my health, so, I am so so happy.

Anyway, I have some great plans for this site and would like to get your visit for all the stuff, sections and everything that I want to add. If you have suggestions, questions, donations or whatever, please, feel free to contact me. Any idea will be welcomed!

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I have added a new photoshoot of Elle Fanning to the gallery. You can go there to take a look and enjoy the photos!

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Elle Fanning covers L’Officiel USA, Winter 2021 issue. I have added the scans to the gallery. Please, don’t forget to buy the magazine.

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Our Winter 2021 cover star tells us about how Catherine evolves in Season 2, how ‘The Great’ re-writes history, and how wearing a corset helps her get into character.

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I have added some new scans of Elle Fanning to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

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A former child star, Elle Fanning is now taking on a variety of hefty roles—from Empress to alleged murderer-by-text. The actress talks about leading the hit Hulu series The Great, launching a production company with her sister, and more as she fronts L’OFFICIEL’s Winter 2021 global issue.

Even un-made-up, on Zoom, at some ungodly hour in the morning on her one day off that week, Elle Fanning appears to actually be glowing. A steadily-working actor since before she was three years old, at 23 Fanning should, by all accounts, be an absolute menace. And yet, there’s nothing arch or knowing in her manner, no thunderous ego or terrifying riptide of emotional damage to contend with when I meet her virtually in early October. She is among the brightest stars of her generation of performers, and she is kind, loose, funny—in other words, utterly charming. And yes, she has the delicate bone structure of a Disney princess, which she has, in fact, played twice (in Maleficent and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil): truly, it should be very easy to hate her. The only problem? She’s so nice.

Part of this preternatural ease within the Hollywood firmament may be attributed to her upbringing, which was amidst a family of professional athletes. The Fannings prized practice, she says; they understood performance. And her older sister, Dakota—also a child star, whom Elle began her acting career playing a younger version of in scenes for films like I Am Sam, and with whom Elle recently founded a production company—of course went first. Maybe it’s because she grew up on movie sets, says Tony McNamara, the celebrated writer who helms Hulu’s The Great, in which Fanning reprises her role this November as Catherine the Great, a fictionalized version of Russia’s 18th-century Empress. She has a good eye and great instincts, he says, and that’s not always the case. “She makes it look pretty effortless, but it’s a difficult pitch to get to as an actor,” McNamara says of the role, which requires everything from comic pratfalls and raunchy love scenes to handling various disembodied heads. McNamara calls her range “astonishing” and says, “There isn’t much I couldn’t imagine her doing in her career if she wants to. She’s the full package.”

For Fanning, part of the appeal in playing an iconic female leader was getting real. Catherine the Great is not “always the bravest or the strongest, and I think that’s why I was drawn to [her] in the first place,” Fanning says. “You see these feminist stories, and it’s like ‘We’re gonna show a girl on screen and she’s just brave all the time!’ That’s not real life; that’s not showing what a woman is. We can be annoying, and we can be wrong. And yes, she’s powerful, and she’s great, and she’s all those other things, but she has to learn how to contain it in a way that’s going to be productive.” In other words, she has to grow up, which is something Elle Fanning knows a thing or two about doing gracefully in public. “When you’re a child actor you’re normally used as the eyes of the viewer, the moral center of the scene. You’re just watching things happen,” Fanning says. But these days, all eyes are on her.

Here, Fanning speaks with L’OFFICIEL about her next projects, her aspirations beyond acting, and the 70,000 photos she has saved on her phone.

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New Regency, Bold Films and Permut Productions’ Chippendales movie, which tells the wild story about the male exotic dancing enterprise, is gaining momentum. Sources tell Deadline that Seth Rogen and Elle Fanning are in talks to join the cast. Dev Patel is already on board to star with Craig Gillespie set to direct. If deals close, the project would mark a reunion for Rogen and Gillespie, who just wrapped production on the anticipated Pam and Tommy series for Hulu that bows in February. New Regency is co-financing Chippendales with Bold Films.

David Permut, who has been shepherding the project for two decades, will produce with New Regency and Bold Film. David Litvak, Gary Michael Walters, Michel Litvak and Svetlana Metkina of Bold Films are also producing.

Lauren Blum and Rebecca Angelo are rewriting the script after Craig Williams and Isaac Adamson penned previous drafts.

The movie will follow Steve Banerjee (Patel), who emigrated from India to Playa del Rey to chase the dream of fame and fortune. Bored with pumping gas in the Mobil station he owned, he found an outlet for his entrepreneurial dreams when he acquired the struggling L.A. rock club Destiny II. He transformed it with a new name and theme nights that included female mud wrestling and a “male exotic dance night for ladies only,” with the latter catching on. Banerjee and his partners were presiding over a flesh empire that earned $8 million annually from club receipts and the sales of millions of calendars of its main attractions, with a large amount also coming from touring companies. Early co-creators included Paul Snider, whose Playboy bunny girlfriend Dorothy Stratten helped come up with the signature cuffs and collars uniforms. Snider later would murder Stratten and kill himself. Lawsuits and disputes involving Banerjee followed, leading to a violence-filled descent.

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Elle Fanning found the perfect co-star in Nicholas Hoult! “I wouldn’t do [‘The Great’] with anyone else – I couldn’t. … We have so much fun, and it’s so easy, and we’re very honest with each other. We kind of tell it like it is, and it’s very open, and you kind of have to have that relationship for something like this,” she told Access Hollywood. Elle and Nicholas also teased what’s in store for Catherine and Peter in the show’s upcoming second season. “The Great” Season 2 hits Hulu on Nov.

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‘Extra’s’ Cheslie Kryst talks to Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult about what’s in store for their characters Catherine and Peter on Season 2 of ‘The Great.’ Elle also gives an update on a delayed movie project with her sister Dakota Fanning and talks filming her new ripped-from-the-headlines Hulu series ‘The Girl from Plainville,’ which takes on the Michelle Carter case. Season 2 of ‘The Great’ premieres on Hulu November 19.

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Elle Fanning is featured in the December 2021 issue of Entertainment Weekly. You can go to the gallery to check out scans.

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